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Environmental Services Division

Associate Director - Jack Peterson - (602)542-3575
Administrative Assistant - (602)542-3579
What do we do?

Register and licensing feed, fertilizer, seed and pesticide companies or products in accordance with federal and state laws. Sampling for product quality to help protect the consumer.

Enforce pesticide use compliance to ensure established buffer zones are adhered to, environmental concerns are met, and people are protected; and

Train and certify pesticide applicators and advisors. This includes the Worker Safety program, which is responsible for preventing or limiting farm workers exposure to pesticides.

For more information, call (602) 542-0904

Where do I find licenses, permits and certifications?

Check on a License , permit or certification

Online Programs Available

Where do I find a list of continuing education credit hours?

Continuing Education Credit Hours

Pesticide Safety Trainer information and workshop schedules

Can I see how many credit hours I have accumulated?

Your continuing education hours

Which licenses, permits or certifications do you need?

ESD Key to Licenses

What tests do you offer?

Tests Administered by the Environmental Services Division

Study Materials for ESD Tests

Testing Locations

What classes do you offer for Continuing Education credit?

Class Listings

Where do I find a list of forms?

Forms available

Where do I find more links?

Other Links

Pesticide Management Areas and Buffer Zones

Pesticide Management Areas / Pesticide Monitoring Program

Buffer Zone Chart - Buffer Laws

Pesticide Management Areas - Criteria

Monitor Request Form

Inspector Contact List

NEW! - Section Articles and Reference information
Compliance Articles

Soil Fumigation Information Links

Annual ESD Recertification & Training Course

Cottonseed Sampling / Testing -
Preventing aflatoxin contamination of milk and animal feed

Compliance Reference Information

Form 1080 Pesticide Application Reporting

Arizona Prohibited Noxious Weed Seeds [listed by scientific name]
Arizona Prohibited Noxious Weed Seeds [listed by common name]
Arizona Restricted Noxious Weed Seeds [listed by scientific name]
Arizona Restricted Noxious Weed Seeds [listed by common name]

Office of Special Investigating (OSI) Articles

Cactus Wood Rules

Bacterial Necrosis of Saguaro

New Native Plant Rules

Private Landowners Clearing Protected Native Plants

Moving Protected Native Plants

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