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Branding Basics

Where do I go to apply for a brand?

Licensing and Registration Section 1688 West Adams 1st Floor Phoenix, Arizona 85007 Phone: (602) 542-0347

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Maximum $50 bills broken.

Why do I need a brand?

Every person owning range livestock in Arizona shall adopt and record a brand with which to brand such livestock. Earmarks may also be recorded as long as the earmark is not already recorded for use by a neighbor and if the earmark does not cut off the ends of both ears.

The Arizona Department of Agriculture does not record brands to be used for any purpose other than to brand livestock. Persons interested in recording a "logo" should contact the Secretary of State.

The Department of Agriculture will not accept for recording any unusual design, anything designed within an enclosure or any single letter or number (all brands must be of two or more characters). Neck brands, jaw brands and dual location or scatter brands are also not acceptable. Brands must be of a design that is easily identifiable and one that does not blotch.

How do I apply for a brand?

Brand applications will be mailed upon request or you may download a brand application here.When the brand application has been processed, a letter requesting payment for the correct amount will be mailed. You must know what type of brand design you want and limit your choices to three (3) per application. For your convenience, there are also available brands for sale at a cost of $75.00 for five years.

Once a brand is chosen, an application should be completed and filed with the Department of Agriculture. Please include a telephone number where you can be reached. The brand must be researched and then advertised by the Department for thirty (30) days in accordance with Arizona Brand Laws. If no objection is filed during this period, and the appropriate fees are paid, the brand is recorded and an original copy of the brand record is mailed to the brand owner. The expiration date of the brand will be shown on the brand certificate. PLEASE NOTE: RESEARCH AND ADVERTISING PROCESS MAY TAKE UP TO NINETY (90) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF RECEIPT.

Do I need to renew my brand?

Brands must be re-recorded every five (5) years. The fee to re-record a brand is $50.00. The Department will mail re-recording notices approximately thirty (30) days prior to the expiration date of each brand. Brand owners are responsible for notifying this office of any address change.

An Arizona brand owner has the right to file an objection with the Department if they believe an advertised brand conflicts with their brand. Objections must be received within the thirty (30) day advertising period. Should the Department decide the objection is valid, the applicant is denied the brand.

Where do I find the necessary forms and how do I know which ones to use?


How do I transfer a brand?

Bill of Sale

How do I lease a brand?

Lease a brand

For more information, call (602) 542-0347.

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